Watch JFunders22

The power of community was on full display at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where MIF hosted JFunders22, the annual gathering of journalism funders. This network, which has not gathered in person since 2019, celebrated 20 years of journalism funders in community and connection. At the start of our two-day gathering, attendees were able to hear about the early years of this network, including the challenges and how they’ve evolved.

Throughout this conference, funders who are supporting and leading some of the most important work in journalism today were able to dig deeper into funding strategies and questions, and were able to experience talks and discussions about what’s working, how and why it works, and how we can do more.

Below, you’ll find recordings of each session in chronological order so that you can watch any portion of the day.

Special Musical Performance Featuring Michelle Cann

In conversation with:

  • Michelle Cann, Pianist
  • Bill Johnson, General Manager, WRTI

Overview and Objectives

  • David Rousseau, Vice President, Media and Technology, Kaiser Family Foundation; Media Impact Funders Board Chair

20 Years of Journalism Funders in Community and Connection

In conversation with:

  • Jon Funabiki, Founder and former director, Renaissance Journalism
  • Eric Newton, Writer and Media Consultant
  • Vince Stehle, Executive Director, Media Impact Funders
  • Moderated by Nancy Gibbs, Director, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

The Local News Landscape, Explained

  • Nancy Gibbs, Director, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Replanting Local News: A Few Significant Initiatives

In conversation with:

  • Elizabeth Hansen Shapiro, Post-doctoral fellow; lead researcher of the News Sustainability and Business Models project; CEO and Co-Founder, National Trust for Local News
  • Imtiaz Patel, CEO, The Baltimore Banner
  • Irving Washington, CEO, Online News Association; Vice Chair, American Journalism Project
  • Moderated by Nancy Gibbs, Director, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Spotlight on Science & Health Mis/Disinformation

  • Céline Gounder, Senior Fellow and Editor-at-Large for Public Health, Kaiser Health News

A Brief Update on the Latest Efforts to Obtain Public Funding for Journalism

  • Steve Waldman, President & Co-Founder and Founder and Chair of Rebuild Local News Coalition Report for America

A Few Words on Word in Black

  • Andrew Ramsammy, Chief Content and Collaboration Officer, Local Media Association; Lead, Word in Black

The Nuts & Bolts of Media Grantmaking

Making sense of our media grants: A case study from the William Penn Foundation

  • Shawn McCaney, Executive Director, William Penn Foundation

Is landscape research right for you?

  • Allison Taylor Levine, Vice President for Marketing & Communications, Delaware Community Foundation

Best practices for supporting journalism with an equity lens

  • Lea Trusty, Senior Associate, Public Square, Democracy Fund

Establishing New Power Dynamics in Nonprofit News and Philanthropy

In conversation with:

  • Tracy Baim, President and Co-Publisher/Lead, The Chicago Reader and Chicago Independent Media Alliance
  • Angelica Das, Associate Director, Public Square Program, Democracy Fund
  • Tracie Powell, Founder, The Pivot Fund
  • Moderated by Errin Haines, Editor-at-Large, The 19th News

Journalism as a Driver for Civic Engagement

In conversation with:

  • Tim Lambert, Special Projects Editor, WITF Radio Station
  • Shawn Mooring, Program Director, The Lenfest Institute
  • Moderated by Errin Haines, Editor-at-Large, The 19th News

Musical Performance Featuring Anthony Tidd and Sanity With Spoken Word Artist Ursula Rucker

In conversation with:

  • Nate Chinen, Editorial Director, WRTI
  • Anthony Tidd, Composer, producer, audio engineer, educator and musician

A Lesson from the Dean

  • Jelani Cobb, Dean, Columbia Journalism School; Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism

Unpacking the abortion narrative with Rewire and “Battleground”

In conversation with:

  • Galina Espinoza, President & Editor in Chief, Rewire News Group
  • Steffie van Rhee, Documentary Filmmaker & Co-Producer, “Battleground”
  • Moderated by Nina Sachdev, Communications Director, Media Impact Funders

Spotlight on Science Journalism

  • Maya Ajmera, President and CEO & Publisher, Society for Science & Science News

Journalism in and with community

In conversation with:

  • Paulette Brown-Hinds, Publisher, Black Voice News
  • Jos Duncan Asé, Founder, Executive Producer & Publisher, Love Now Media
  • Mazin Sidahmed, Co-Executive Director, Documented
  • Moderated by Sarah Glover, Vice President, News and Civic Dialogue, WHYY

An Eye Toward the Future

In conversation with:

  • Alicia Bell, Director, Racial Equity in Journalism Fund, Borealis Philanthropy
  • Sue Cross, Executive Director & CEO, INN
  • Jon Funabiki, Founder and Former Director, Renaissance Journalism
  • Chris Krewson, Executive Director, LION Publishers
  • Erin Moran, CEO, Public Media Company
  • Moderated by Jim Brady, VP/Journalism, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Closing Remarks

  • Kayce Ataiyero, Chief External Affairs Officer, Joyce Foundation